A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A heartfelt visual novel about a messy bitch who lives for drama harassing her friends into dating each other. Contains an abundance of WLW, young love, old flames, several gremlins (do not feed after midnight), tiny pumpkins, hot moms, and at least one (1) werewolf. Content warning for language and suggestive themes.

This game is a demo with a sample of the characters and a portion of the story!


Special thanks - Jack + Ray


FallFling-0.1-linux.tar.bz2 23 MB
FallFling-0.1-mac.zip 19 MB
FallFling-0.1-win.zip 20 MB


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Super cute and funny writing + I like the sprite art too + the plot + the gayness of it all

I'm assuming music will be included w/ the full version bc honestly that was the most jarring/unappealing part of all this...just...the silence......

Seriously, though, good luck with the rest of it! Really enjoyed the demo! It's quirky and cute and I was totally into it <3